2 cents on the world of disconnected user-experience!

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I know it’s been a while (in fact a long time) since I wrote my last essay. Let’s say, I got into what I call “the writing inertia”; an interesting topic (at work) today, fortunately, got me out of this vicious loop.

We had our ritual bi-weekly design meeting at our company and an interesting topic was discussed namely “ how can one create a seamless design that spans multiple cultures/demographies/geographies…./…./….?”, mind it, each and every word there is a topic by itself. My colleagues spoke very passionately about instances in their design careers where they experienced what I term as “the disconnected experience” in the product/service they were involved in; a lot of lovely and intriguing examples.

Well, I thought this is certainly an interesting topic and let me remember and write about instances in my product career where I was directly associated with this topic. So, here we go:

I am sure, each one of us has examples (probably better than the ones outlined above). Please keep your examples flowing; it’s a great learning experience for all of us. I am sure you agree!

Originally published at https://www.raghsforte.com on September 9, 2020.



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