The Exit Conundrum!

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Is this word (“Exit”) familiar? Especially, if you are an entrepreneur? Maybe “Yes” or “Maybe No”. I say “Maybe” not because of the word itself but the associated journey. Having gone through the rigors of this process once, I might be able to make few pertinent points that may help the readers of this article to gravitate from the zone of ambiguity (maybe) to the zone of clarity (shall we/shall not).

Let me start by drawing out a few boundary conditions; I am not an investor, I am not part of an investment firm, I am not an investment banker, I am not an Auditor. So, what authority do I have to write about this subject? I have gone through this process once in my entrepreneurial journey and hence the authority (with all humility).

This essay may make more sense for an entrepreneur who runs a bootstrapped start-up, started-up, or an established company. The reason I say this is because entrepreneurs who run funded companies has gone through the journey of giving “away” something for funds e.g. equity or any other equivalent instrument. The first category of entrepreneurs (and that’s my pedigree) typically don’t have the habit of giving away (sometimes it’s good and many times it’s bad and short-sighted:) the idea behind this essay to offer some tips for my kind of entrepreneurs:

Whilst this is not comprehensive, I am sure this will give entrepreneurs a good starting point when this discussion comes during the lifespan of their business.

Originally published at on October 25, 2020.



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