The importance of communicating with data!

Communication is imperative for product managers, how many times have you heard this in your career as a product manager or as someone who is waiting to become a product manager? Is everything hunky-dory when it comes to communication? I guess not; so, What’s the challenge? Why is it so difficult? Few topics that strike my mind immediately are as follows:

  1. Do product managers struggle to communicate with people from different disciplines? E.g. design or engineering teams.

Don’t get me wrong here; by struggle, I don’t mean command over the language. I guess there is an undercurrent that binds all aforementioned topics and that is the usage of data to communicate. Let me elaborate with a few examples:

  1. Data-driven conversation, in this case, would mean presenting the current Engagement metrics and positive impact on Engagement of current users with the introduction of this feature. Also, the lateral impact on other metrics like Referral i.e. current users referring new users thanks to improved Engagement. Will your HOD be intrigued? Will you be able to get an approval?

We can go on and on with many many examples. The summary is that numbers don’t lie and it is important to decorate your communication with data.

It’s easier said than done, but it is indeed imperative for product managers. I hope you agree!

Originally published at on December 4, 2019.



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